Heritage Dance Classic
Ashville, NC 28804
DanceComp.org 2655 N. Airport Rd. #62186
Fort Myers, FL 33907
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    DanceComp Mobile App Premium Service.

    • Live Heatlists and Results: DanceComp will attend the Event. Competition Results and Heatlists will be updated “Live” (within minutes of the end of the Award) using data provided in due time by Scrutineers/Registrar. DanceComp will provide the adequate equipment and software so that the MC can update the LIVE HEAT COUNTER for your screens, along with every dancer’s smartphone, tablet, and iPad. We will be updating the DanceComp Mobile Application with the latest RESULTS, HEATLISTS, and SCHEDULE (in case of changes).
    • Mobile Announcement: Should an important announcement at the Event be needed, DanceComp will make its Mobile App technology (‘Push Notification’) available to alert all owners of said application (useful when the event is running early for example).
    • Virtual Program: DanceComp will make the Event program available on the Mobile App, including advertisers/Vendors pictures. All data will be provided by the Event before the start of the Competition.
    • Screen Director: DanceComp will manage the content of the Big Display Screen of the Event (hardware not provided). The Content will include a Heat Counter, a Clock, Graphics and Videos. Various advertisement and sponsor names and images can be displayed throughout the event. The Event will provide the material they wish to see on screen (unless otherwise directed/agreed upon). DanceComp reserves the right to also display the name or material of their primary sponsor(s).
  2. Airline Ticket(s)

  3. Meals will be comped at $35/meal if not provided by the Competition. TBA

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Total $3,009.00

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2020-01-24 @ 3:35 pm

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2020-02-26 @ 12:12 pm

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